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Are you a business owner or a professional who is looking to improve your positioning & attract more clients to your business to reach a higher level of success?

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If So, Here are Six Reasons
Why You Absolutely Must Use Video Marketing
as Part of your Marketing Mix.

  • 1
    Video is a preferred Marketing Method
    Video is the preferred, most popular method for consumers to find your business today.
  • 2
    Visitors stay on websites longer
    Visitors stay on websites with videos over 10 times longer than websites without videos.
  • 3
    Most Effective Way to feature products & services
    It is one of the most effective ways to feature your products and services. Builds consumer confidence, familiarity, comfort, and trust with your business and brand.
  • 4
    Videos greatly increase website traffic
    Videos greatly increase website interaction and conversion rate by over 90%.
  • 5
    Video is a great marketing mix
    Video is the most effective, versatile marketing mix to engage your client base and community.
  • 6
    Positions you as an expert
    Positions you as an expert and a go-to source for knowledge and experience.

Video Services

Video Marketing Equals More Business!

Daytona Beach Studio offers the most innovative production and post-production solutions and team to help you come up with a marketing strategy, so you can tell your story and show consumers why you are the best choice for them.

We produce engaging videos to help you market your business.

Not all videos are created equally. Daytona Beach Video Studio team delivers strategically created videos with marketing strategies to attract more consumers to you.
They have a purpose, and they are all designed to reach your ideal target market, causing them to take action.  The videos will cause them to contact you and purchase your products or services.

Why Content Marketing?

Choose From A Wide Range of Video Types

Training Videos

Testimonial Videos

Case Studies

Website Videos

Interview Videos

Commercial Videos

Corporate Videos

Newsletter Videos

The Studio

Daytona Beach Studio is a fully outfitted professional studio.  We are not talking a green screen studio here.
This versatile studio provides you professional video services and production set modification based on your video content and needs. Gain access to:

Contact us to discuss and to begin your video production project.

The Process

Video Marketing
Strategies & Process!

Most Popular Video Production Package

  • 1 Homepage Video

    One Website home page video — Up to 2 minutes

  • 1 Interview Video

    One Interview on meet the experts — 20 to 30 minutes

  • 1 Popular Video

    One popular product or service video — Up to 2 minutes

  • Welcome Video

    One YouTube page welcome video — Up to 2 minutes

  • 3 Kick Start Videos

    3 kick start videos for your YouTube channel – 2 minutes each

It includes:
  1. Customized studio production time – 4 hours
  2. Video production – director
  3. Post editing – producer
  4. Publishing and posting
  5. A total of seven videos

Video Production Program

Produce monthly videos by becoming a member

Did you know that having videos on your website
increases the conversion rate by 90%!


Having quality videos can drive more traffic to your business, improve your positioning, and convert more visitors into clients.

As a member we can produce 4 short videos to help you keep your current clients engage and gain new ones.

  • 4 Fully Produced Video

    Four Fully Produced video – up to 2 minutes

  • Post to YouTube

  • Front thumbnail

  • End card with a call to action

Types of monthly videos we could produce for you,
to help you market your business

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